Name: Echo/Angie (call me whichever, i dont mind)
Age: 20 (07/23)
Pronouns: She/They but I really don't care, honestly
General: Panromantic/Pansexual

I'm just a small gay trying to move on with life, honestly.

I may come on a little too strong sometimes, or I might be a bit hesitant w/ interaction, especially w/ meeting new people. All I ask of you is to bare with me on this, since i'm still trying to work things out on my end.

I'm into alot of things and this twitter is. Very disorganized, but i still try to keep certain stuff tagged. If there's something specific you want me to tag, please let me know!!!

ANOTHER THING I. use caps alot in my everyday tweets so if that bothers you please let me know !!!

This twit has like a small filter on it, so please watch out for nsfw tweets from time to time, ok? ok. They're always tagged btw tho so fgbdhjf

I shitpost alot here and at times I keep this twitter locked when the urge rises, it's mostly either cause of paranoia or just because I felt like it. If my twitter is locked, you're free to follow request tho!! simple as that.

Surprisingly I also post art here, but not. Often. I'm a self-taught artist and I'm still experimenting and trying to improve with alot of things nowadays, but my self-esteem shifts alot so yEAH.

If you can, please read my blacklist and before you follow, thx.

!!IMPORTANT!! Please If you've broken contact with me before, or If I've softblocked you, please do not try to follow me again. It's for my own comfort and I'd appreciate it very much. But if you really want to talk with me about it, we can and we'll work something out.