「Before You Follow」


►You make jokes about/make fun of kins/synpaths/IDs/Coping mechanisms in general

seeing this shit makes me very upset thx

►You have a very shitty attitude abt Listos/B4YF/And Blacklists in general

(I.E. Calling them stupid and unneeded or whatever im tired)

►You post extreme nsfw content (like full porn pics and extremely sexually charged humor) out in the open. If its in a joking way, or light, and if its tagged, ur ok fam

►You like to cause drama/Attack people over FICTIONAL ships/Send people death threats and other nasty shit, THats an INSTANT BLOCK bye

►You're under the age of 15/16 (Unless I know you before hand)

I'm. Not comfortable with Really young kids/minors (especially those i don't know or havent gotten to know) following ANY of my accs so.... Sorry.

►You make Suicide Jokes/References to Suicide Alot towards people

(Specifically telling people to "kill themselves/die" jokingly or whatever, i don't care if you do that with your friends just do not do that to me EVER cause it makes me very very sick haha,,,)

►You're over the age of 27/28 (Unless I know you before hand)

Same applies to minors, if you're an adult that i do not know before hand in your late 20s, early 30s i will block without hesitation it makes me anxious n weirds me out sorry.

►You don't have your age listed anywhere in your listo/bio (specifically listing it as "minor" or "adult" wont cut it for me, sorry)

►You don't think minors can also be called out for shitty actions/behaviors

(ex. Harassment, Death Threats, Gaslighting etc etc)

►You believe in "Reverse Racism", "Heterophobia", and "Cisphobia" (aka a Whole Load of Bullshit)

►You ship underage ships/pedophilia (This is.. for my own comfort, it makes me absolutely sick to my stomache sorry)

►You're Transphobic/Ableist/Racist/A Trump Supporter/An asshole in general lmao Bye