-I summarized most of it cause the original one was. way too long im sorry-

►not exactly the best with conversation, but im up for talking whenever!!

►I rarely follow back, usually for personal reasons

►I take a while to reply, so please dont think i just forgot abt you. Just bear with me on this.

►I tend to get a bit anxious or scared whenever talking to new ppl so if i come off too strong or make things awkward forgive me, I’m trying my best.

►Might get a bit negative at times, but most of it will go on my priv.

►I'll try to keep everyone's comfort in mind and tag things accordingly, so if anyone needs anything specific tagged please DM or @ me and let me know!!

►Softblock when unfollowing, you dont need to give me a reason why its fine

►I make nsfw jokes sometimes but they're always tagged so yeah. If i happen to not tag it at one point you're free to tell me abt it and i'll fix it asap.

►occasionally i'll start spamming twitter due to smth (ie. Me getting excited or letting friends hack my acc) so keep this in mind. you're free to mute me when that happens!!

►I get…overwhelmed a lot so I may drift in an out of my main at times, as well as mute some accs. I don’t mean any harm, I just want to keep my main as underwhelming as possible from now on www